Romanian Inventors Forum (FIR) is a professional association which aims to support, stimulate the development and valorization of scientific and technical creative activities, and cultural - artistic, but also copyright problems of its members, diversification of research and technological development, design, scientific investigation, micro-production etc.
Research and development institution certified by the National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS), according to HG. 551/2007, Decision ANCS no. 9708/29.07.2009.

FIR was established in 2003 by a group of university professors, elite inventors and researchers from the University Center in Iasi.

CIF 15950343,    H.J.229/PJ/2003,    CIPJ 87/A/2003
Address: Str. Sf.Petru Movila 3, L11, III/3, 700089, Iasi, Romania
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Bank: BRD - Groupe Société Générale, Brench Iasi
(EUR) Account: IBAN RO19 BRDE 240SV 3067 680 2400
(RON) Account: IBAN RO74 BRDE 240SV 2353 553 2400

Extract from the FIR Statute

FIR has the purpose to support the development and the valorization of the scientific, technical and artistic creativity, to diversify the activities of research and technological development, of design, of tehnical-scientifical and artistic investigation and of production.
These activites will be accomplished through partnerships with the institutions of superior education and research, ONG from Romania and abroad and with the authorities of the central, regional and local administration. The Forum is affiliated to international organisations and similar associations.

The main objectives of our Association are:
¢ Supporting under all the legal ways its members in order to obtain the rights of author, according to the Romanian laws;

¢ Proposing products and technologies that can participate to national or international exhibitions;
¢ Organising, in national premiere, virtual exhibitions, specialized on various fields of activity;
¢ Promoting products and technologies for implementation in the country or abroad, in collaboration with MECT, OSIM, research-development institutions and various non-guvernamental associations;
¢ Offering technical and economical expertises upon request for evaluating the creative potential of a person or team, for critical analyses of the patrimonial value of an invention of an inventions fund, for selecting the inventions in vue of their participation to the contests of technical-scientifical creation at national and international level;

¢ Developing an expert group in the field of criterial evaluation of inventions funds, that will put the basis of an interdisciplinary catalogue with evaluation grids by impact numbers and value credits, using specific systems of credits;
¢ Organising a FRI Agency, that will offer technical assistance of specialty in applying for an OSIM patent (inventions, drawings and industrial models, marques, standards etc.);
¢ Foundation and support of the inventics and artistic groups inside the affiliated associations, organisation of courses for the initiation in the methods of technical and artistic creation;
¢ Developing activities of publicizing the inventions and inventors through mass-media systems, through its own Office of Technological and Cultural Transfer, thorugh its own review;
¢ Supporting with the activities of publishing and editing/printing;
¢ Organising specializations, experience exchanges and documentation with accademical associations from Romania and abroad;
¢ Organising workshops of technical-scientifical and artistic-cultural creation;
¢ Developing thorugh its founding members, active members, associated or honorary members, activities of research, design and expertise in the following fields:
- synthesis and characterization of new materials with practical implications;
- studies of implementation of high technologies in vue of obtaining new structural and functional systems, with particular implications in the fields of IT, biotechnology, molecular biology and genetics, biometry, psichotronics, quantics, ecology, environment, protection of the water quality and of the drinking water reserves, management of the natural resources, control of the pollution, materials science, electronics, electrotechnics, energetics, engineering constructions, soil improvement and mitigation, conservation of cultural and natural heritage, historical and anthropological researches etc.;
- activities of scientific investigations, testing, expertise and technical analyses (technical-scientific, artistic, medical, forensic, accountancy, geodetic, anthropological, archaeological expertises etc.);
- studies of impact, environmental balance, conformation plans and rehabilitation;
- studies of feasability;
- studies of compatibility and for rendering compatible structural and functional elements of the phisical-mechanical, chemical and biological systems;
- studies of bibliographical analysis and synthesis;
- verification, analysis and evaluation of projects, studies and results of researches;
- activities of services offer in the field of intelectual and industrial property protection (patents, marques, drawings and industrial models, firm standards, technical norms, omologations);
- valorification of useful components from the industrial subproducts, residues, used waters, poor minerals;
- elaboration of interdisciplinary researches within the partnerships with mixed teams (didactic personnel, students, master graduates and PhD candidates), in vue of the drawing up of their university, master and PhD degrees theses;
¢ Developing, through its founding members, active members and associated or honorary members, of activities of research, scientific investigation, conservation, restoration and exhibition for the valorization of the cultural and natural heritage, and also cultural-artistic activities.

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ROMANIAN INVENTORS FORUM (FIR) is a professional association with the purpose to support, stimulate, develop and valorize the scientifically, technically and artistically creativity of individuals or institutions from Romania and abroad.