Professor. Ph.D. Ion SANDU


Editor in Chief of:
International Journal of Conservation Science
Indexed by Thomson Reuters (ESCI) and SCOPUS

President & Co-Editor of:
EUROINVENT - European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation

ICIR EUROINVENT - International Conference on innovative Research (Scopus & Web of Science Proceedings)

Guest Editor of:
APPLIED SCIENCES (MDPI IF 2.679 Q2):New Materials and Advanced Procedures of Conservation Ancient Artefacts
APPLIED SCIENCES (MDPI IF 2.679 Q2):Obtaining, Characterization and Applications of Advanced Materials

H-index: 31

Author or co-author:
• 170 books and volumes
• 1195 scientific papers (416 Web of Science)
• 168 patents (30 abroad and 127 national) Derwent Innovation Index/ISI,
• 627 international scientific communications and 832 national.

ORCID: 0000-0003-4088-8967
Web of Science ResearcherID:
BrainMap UEFISCDI ID (UEF-ID): U-1700-038K-3322

- Cultural Heritage
- Environmental Science
- Materials Science
- Forensic Science

- Intelectual Property
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Member of Editorial Scientific Boards - 14 Journals
Prises and Awards (215), Medals (655) and Diplomas (161) for Inventions & Innovations

Projects coordination:
• 112 projects
• 6 European projects
• team member in 71 national projects;

PhD Thesis supervisor:

•9 foreign students (Japan, Jordan, Cameron, Ivory Coast, France, Malaysia and Italy)
• 22 Romanian students graduated,
• 8 Romanian PhD students and 1 foreign (Iran) PhD students currently in development;

Articles published in following Thompson indexed Journals:
Applied Sciences MDPI, Materials, Microscopy Research and Technique, Revista de Chimie, Materials, Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Rapid Communications, Materiale Plastice, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, MICRON
PhD Thesis: „Redox System in Electrochemical Conversion of Energy” - “Gh.Asachi” Polytechnical Institute of Iasi, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 11th of Nov, 1984.

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