ROMANIAN INVENTORS FORUM (FIR) is a professional association with the purpose to support, stimulate, develop and valorize the scientifically, technically and artistically creativity of individuals or institutions from Romania and abroad.
    Representative for Romania:


International Journal of Conservation Science
indexed by Web of Science (ESCI) and SCOPUS

ISSN: 2067-533X    &   eISSN: 2067-8223

2010 - present


European Journal of Materials Science and Engineering
indexed by DOAJ, CAS, CiteFActor, ROAD etc.

ISSN: 2537-4338    &   eISSN: 2537-4346

2016 - present

Medicine and Materials

Medicine and Materials
under development

ISSN: 2784–1499 & e-ISSN: 2784–1537

2021 - present

Other publications under supervision:

  • A.V. SANDU, Managementul de Mediu in Ingineria Materialelor. I. Teorie si Aplicatii pentru studenti, Ed. Pim, Iasi, 2018, 164 p. (ISBN 978-606-13-4328-7).
  • A.V. SANDU, I. SANDU, Ecologie si Management de Mediu. Curs, Ed. Pim, Iasi, 2018, 258 p. (ISBN 978-606-13-4582-3)
  • A.V. SANDU, N.M. Noor, Introducere in ingineria mediului, Ed. Pim, Iasi, 2015, 167 p. (ISBN 978-606-13-2752-2)



Organiser of:
- EUROINVENT - European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation 2009-2021

- ICIR EUROINVENT - International Conference on innovative Research (Scopus & Web of Science Proceedings) 2015-2021

All published proceedings are available on [Euroinvent Archive].

  • EUROINVENT Proceedings 2018-202X >>> ISSN: 2601-4564/2601-4572
  • ICIR EUROINVENT Book of Abstracts 2018-202x >>> ISSN:2601-4580/2601-4599
  • EUROINVENT WORKSHOP Book 2018-202x >>> ISSN: 2668-3229/2668-3229
  • EUROINVENT Proceedings 2009-2017 >>> (independent ISBN)
  • ICIR EUROINVENT Book of Abstracts 2015-2017 >>> (independent ISBN)

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