Irina Crina Anca SANDU, PhD

Irina Crina Anca SANDU

Conservation Scientist

Tøyengata 53, 0578 OSLO, Norway
Phone: +47.91106859


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3307-3682
SCOPUS Author ID: 35781255800
H-index: 22

Scientific Interests

  • Interdisciplinary and multiscale studies and characterization of gilding/polychrome materials and techniques in Portuguese and foreign artefacts;
  • Virtual and 3D modeling of polychrome artifacts using complementary analytical approaches (by microscopic, colorimetric, spectroscopic, micro-tomographic techniques);
  • Search and Development for “green/ecological approaches” to conservation of cultural heritage artifacts (e.g. enzyme/ionic liquid-based and natural extracts cleaning methods);
  • Creation and application of new laboratory protocols and analytical methodologies for identifying and quantifying organic materials in polychrome artifacts from cultural heritage (e.g. mass spectrometry, fluorescent staining techniques and immune-enzymatic protocols, for the identification and mapping of proteinaceous binders);
  • Development of noninvasive methodologies for the evaluation of the restoration treatments (mainly cleaning, consolidation, protection) effectiveness through the application of surface analytical techniques (e.g. Atomic Force Microscopy/SEM/OM+fluorescence probes);
  • Development of a database of historically accurate reconstructions for ageing studies on the behavior of artistic/historical materials;
  • Development of innovative Outreach and training methodologies/strategies for the investigation and conservation of cultural heritage.

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Coordinator (PI) of a research project on gilded artefacts in Portugal: 
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Experience in diagnosis, characterization and authentication of easel and mural paintings, polychrome gilded sculptures and wooden altarpiece decorations, metal threads from liturgical textiles, archaeological metal artifacts, and photographic materials.
Experience in drafting research projects at national (Romania and Portugal) and international (FP7 programs) levels.

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