Active members - Head of Departments
& Delegates at Int’l Shows:

Prof. Dorica BOTAU
Eng. Ofelia CORBU
Prof. Kamel EARAR
Prof. Rodica Mariana ION
Eng. Ioana Corina MOGA
Prof. Ovidiu NEMES
Prof. Silviu PETRISOR
Prof. Ion SANDU
Prof. Ioan Gabriel SANDU
Prof. Alexandru STANILA
Eng. Henriette SZILAGYI
Prof. Augustin SEMENESCU
Prof. Daniela TARNITA
Prof. Mihail Aurel TITU
Prof. Constantin UNGUREANU
Prof. Petrica VIZUREANU


Ass.Prof.PhD.Eng. Andrei Victor SANDU

Honorary Vicepresident - Department of Invention Implementation - Assoc.Prof.PhD.Eng. Alexandru STANILA

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Tel: +40-745-438604

E-mail: euroinvent [at]


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ROMANIAN INVENTORS FORUM (FIR) is a professional association with the purpose to support, stimulate, develop and valorize the scientifically, technically and artistically creativity of individuals or institutions from Romania and abroad.